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Tony Goodhew is a Microsoft veteran in the developer tools division and has returned home to his roots in VC++ (he was a program manager on VC6). One of Tony's priorities is that of effective communication with developer customers who expect open and honest answers to ALL of their questions. How does this process work? How can you effectively communicate your plan if you are not ready to communicate your plan because your plan is not ready to be communicated? Developers want answers. Period. Tony and team have the responsibility to ensure the answers they give to developers regarding VC++ are in fact accurate and unequivocal. What's the plan for the next version of VC++? Why did you decide to not support feature x? What about y? What's going on here? Welcome to Tony's world.

I brought my camera to Tony's office to ask him some easy and hard questions about C++, VC++, developer dark matter, the C++ Renaissance at Microsoft, how can the VC++ compiler keep up with gcc (does it really matter?), and much more. This is a very candid conversation about developer-oriented public communication and the delicate balance between promising too much and promising too little. At the end of the day, it's all about what you deliver, but you will deliver what you deliver and not always what you said you would deliver. How do you decide how and when you will tell developers what your plans really are? How did you come to the decisions you make and execute on? Did you get enough feedback from the community to ensure you give developers what they want most? Have you implemented the things native developers have been asking you to do for years? When do you say yes and when do you say no? Tony, talk to us, man. What's going on here? How does it really work inside VC++ world?

Nice to have you back on C9, Tony! It's been a while.

Tune in. Enjoy.


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