too much downloading

I have Hughesnet, which shuts me down after 425 mb of downloads. I used to never get anywhere close to that. Windows 7, using a Linksys router. After much testing, have narrowed it down to something to do with Windows 7. I get downloads of 100 mg at a time all the way to 230 mb at a time, and it happens every time I turn on the laptop with Windows 7--or leave it on for a while. I have shut off all automatic downloads I can find, including McAfee auto downloads. I do not have the problem with XP or Vista. This happens every day, so Hughesnet is worthless to me at $80 a month. I have spent time with Linksys support and Hughesnet support and Microsoft support, and no one has been able to figure out these big downloads or where they are coming from or why. The only time I can use the laptop with Windows 7 is in the middle of the night during Hughesnet free time. Help, anyone!

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