Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Detected by Windows 7

The model number of the external hard drive is: PA4096-1HF4
Its a 3.5 inch, 640GB external drive from Toshiba with USB 2.0 interface.
The OS is Windows 7 Home Ultimate (64 bit).
As per this URL : Windows 7 Compatibility for Storage Devices: Hard Drives, External Hardware: Download Device Drivers,
this model is NOT compatible with Windows 7.

Is there any way for Windows 7 to recognize this external drive and allow me to access the files on this drive without problems?

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Thank You.

A correction: The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit).


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Have you tried using it? what happens when you plug it in? have you lookd at the computer management device to see if it is there. It could be there and just need allocating a drive letter then it will appear in the "computer" window

click on strt/admin tools/computer management/ select disk managment and see ikf ikt is there withiut a drive letter

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No, the drive is not showing up anywhere.
Not under my computers.
Not in disk management. In disk management it shows disk 0, disk 1 [two internal HDD], cdrom0 [optical drive] and nothing else.

Is there anything else I can do or check?

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