Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite 1135


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I just installed Windows 7 on an aging but slightly upgraded Toshiba Satellite, and so far everything is working very well, seems to be as responsive as WinXp Pro that the laptop came with, takes less time to shut down. I set up a 30GB partition (dual boot) and installed AVG and OpenOffice 3, downloaded some of the Windows options (mail, etc), and I still have 20GB free. The laptop specs are:
Celeron 2GHz
100GB HDD (7200 RPM)
DVD/RW Optical Drive
Intel onboard graphics (using generic Win7 drivers)
Integrated modem
Realtek 8100BL 10/100 Ethernet
Realtek onboard sound
Toshiba Wireless LAN card
The only challenge I had was getting online to download the drivers for the Realtek devices and wireless card from Windows Update, had to use the USB device I have on my desktop to initially set things up. Obviously I don't get the Aero effects so I'm running similar to Vista Basic but peppier. It appears to be true that MS has lowered the system requirements from Vista's.

Edit: After playing with the laptop for a while I've noticed DVD playback is choppy with the generic video drivers, something I'll have to live with because Intel hasn't released Vista drivers for the 828523/82855 gm/gme graphics.
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