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Hi guys,

A week ago my 3yo Toshiba Satellite's webcam stopped working. It's been coincident with a Windows and Skype updates which I often use with the webcam. I have tried the Windows Troubleshooting option, and also going into the Device Manager to uninstall the device, reboot and reinstall to no avail. I have also tried scanning for viruses.

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P50-C but unfortunately, the Toshiba support webpage doesn't offer any webcam driver. I might try to rollback the Windows and Skype updates but I don't think this is the issue as webcam doesn't work with the Windows Camera app or Skype separately.

What's your opinion on that? I fell that it's most likely to be a hardware issue and that I'd have to dismantle the laptop to have a look.

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Do you have the software that came with the webcam? Uninstall and re-install to see if this fixes it. Make restore points before doing anything and for each step.

You can try to rollback the new updates. Most likely this will fix it. I would try uninstalling the webcam software and putting it back. If your webcam is very old, it may not work with the newest updates. It is not a big deal to get a new webcam and be up to date.

Hi Jerry,

That's the laptop's webcam and I cannot uninstall it apparently. Even on the Toshiba website, there is no driver for this webcam. Wondering if a clean Windows install could be useful as well? Will try to rollback the Skype and Windows updates that were made at the same time.


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I have had the problem, only once in my time. At this stage, I would agree that it is more likely a hardware problem, only coincidental with the update.
But, have a quick look in settings -Apps and features -
Scroll down to the camera and click in.
Click Advanced options and make sure the camera is on. Updates/upgrades do have a bad habit of turning features off.
Scroll a little further down, on the same page, and try a reset.


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Just found this page. It could be related to your problem?
A colleague with your problem tried the reg fix, it did not, however, work for him.

How to Fix Windows 10 Can’t start your camera error 0xA00F4246 (0x887A0004) - Appuals.com
I must point out though, that most of the references are to do with a message different to yours. "Cannot start your camera".

Later. I needed to follow this up. My previously mentioned colleague was a little distressed. I took his computer (A dell Latitude E5570) and examined every possibility.
Finally went on Dells excellent update site. There was a 2018 chip and a graphics card update there. Downloaded and installed - Camera working again!

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Did you have any other webcam software? Only the skype cannot work with the webcam? Try to Uninstall the Skype and then reinstall it again.

And Uninstall the Webcam driver to let the Windows to install it automatically.

Did you checked the camera settings after you update the Windows 10? Check it. Follow Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera > Turn on Let apps use my hardware.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your reply. Out of desperation, I did a factory reset on the computer with a fresh Windows install. Well let's say it didn't turn well, as I have got now more problems than before. Webcam is still not working, and lan-ethernet connection is inoperative which is tricky because this is the only way I can use the internet. I will have to create another thread about the ethernet issue, because right now it's my priority as I need the laptop for work. I will come back to the webcam issue once that one is solved. Thanks again for your contributions!

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