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    Hello everyone at WindowsForum!

    I have a questions to all the gamers out there.

    I am a guy who is thinking of starting my own tournaments and LAN activity here in Sweden. Such as Dreamhack and etc. Now we all know that Dreamhack is really big in this occupation. But they are just hosting this once a year and I don't think that is enough, there should be more of this activity out there. So gamers can meet up, have tons of fun and join in on some sweet tournaments.

    How often do you think, that a gaming tournament and LAN activity should be arranged per year?

    2 times a year?
    3 times a year?
    4 times a year?
    Even more? Then please come with a suggestion.

    I know that this is for Sweden (at the moment only). But your feedback would really help me out a lot!
    Thank you gamers!

    Kind regards,

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