Windows 7 Trademark sign inside script

I try to make an script for some video recording using ffmpeg.
I have an Microsoft webcam model LifeCam HD-3000.
This camera is show in control panel like this: Microsoft® LifeCam HD-3000.
When i list devices with ffmpeg a got some strange character because of registered trademark sign.
I want to make an simple script to start capture but cannot specify camera because of this character.
What solution can be done? It's possible to create an alias for this device, something with simple name?
What i try'it until now:
1. make batch script encoded as UTF-8 but no success. I try'it different escape sequences like "\", "%", "^" but without result.
2. i change some windows registry where appear friendly name of this camera, but i found to many entries, so not practically. I have many computers where need to do that.

There are probably a number of ways to approach this and I don't know which scripting language you're using. Just a couple of generic thoughts:
  • The registered trademark symbol is an extended ASCII code (decimal number 174), so if you can embed it, you're on the right track. You just need to know how to enter extended characters in the script.

  • At the level of "did you make sure it's plugged in", verify that the issue is the symbol and not something like a typo in the camera name, capitalization, or the need to put the whole camera name in quotes.

  • See if you can start capture without including the camera ID in the script, something like where you do everything manually except hit the start button and then use a script just to press the start button.

  • Sometimes it's possible to use something like the port ID that the camera is plugged into as an alias.

  • Try a different program. There may be one that offers more flexibility to accomplish what you want.

Thanks for reply!
I use batch file. I want to use ffmpeg because is very good especially with x264 encoding.
I test virtualdub to capture video from webcam but i need something in cli for easy task schedule and encodincustomization. In fact i have successfully with computers where installed LifeCam app because this change webcam name and use one without trademark sign.
Problem is that ffmpeg get webcam name using directshow. I cannot use any port id of device.
For moment, only solution is to connect computer on internet and install LifeCam. After that, name of device is changed in something that not contain trademark sign.
I'm opened to any suggestion for free encoder that can be used on windows in cli using for device identity something else than directshow.

At least you have a working solution for now.

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