Triple Boot ( Windows XP , 7 And Linux Backtrack)

Hello there, how can I triple boot on 3 different partitions of 1 HDD Windows xp , 7 , and linux backtrack? :)
Please help me, I tried and got bootmgr file missing...
and I had to format cause I made something on Partition Magic that hided my partitions and now they are inactive..:S
anyway if u can help me on that too I would be happy.
But what's the right way to install them? first xp then 7 then linux?
or first linux after xp after 7? please help me !


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Some things you need to think about. What do you want to be the controlling boot manager, Win 7 or Grub..?

What OS do you want to have as the surviving one if you decide to get rid of the other two?

If you load XP first, which is the recommended way, Win 7 will pick up that install and add its boot files to the XP partition and make a boot menu for you.
When you add Linux, you can add it so the Win 7 boot loader stays in control, or the Linux one takes over.

I am not a Linux expert, so can't help that much there, but the XP and Win 7 installs are fairly straight forward.

For the Linux install, check other sites, and the one here might help. This guide if for Ubuntu, but you might find something you can use.

Remember, you are only supposed to put 4 primary partitions or 3 primary and 1 extended partition on a drive using Windows.

If you need help, post back and be ready to attach a disk management picture of your setup using the snipping tool in Win 7.

If you decide to continue, you might also go to the same location as the instructions, Neosmart Technologies, and download EasyBCD version 2 beta. You need to join their forum to have access to the download. This utility can be used to help set up the boots if necessary.

One more thing, XP does not know about AHCI drivers for you hard drives. If you have that set in the bios it will bluescreen unless you load the appropriate drivers using a floppy or slipstreaming the drivers into the XP install disc.

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