Windows 7 Trogans/ Unwanted programs


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I have a pesky program that i am trying to get rid of...the entire trail. Slow PCFighter is the culprit. I should have known better than downloading this trogan horse. Have googled various sites to determine how to get rid of all these files. I have yet to come up with a solution. Any ideas out there...back when we were running Win 98 I learned how to get into the registry. Not sure how to do that, other than RegEdit. the registry today seems a bit foreign to me. Any ideas out there short of reinstalling Win7? Thank you in advance for your help.
I would get into safe mode w/networking, update any and all malware software while in safe mode, then run full scans of malware software. Sometimes running quick scans or even full scans in normal windows mode doesn't find the culprit because it's masked/hidden behind some actual working part of windows code, this is by design, that's how they work. Running the malware software in safe mode will find it.
I tried the VIPRE Rescue Scanner. The program found 3 trojans but still has not caught "Fighters" This is how "slowPC Fighter" is listed in All Programs Menu. I try deleting in the normal fashion and nada. I don't want to slick my drive and start all over again. I don't have great deal of data. I've backed up all of my music/pics/docs etc. Any more ideas.
Have you done this in "Safe Mode" as suggested by bassfisher?

Accessing the registry hasn't changed, just click Start, Run, then type in regedit and hit enter.
Once there, it should be listed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and/or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software
Are you getting any message (Access Denied) when trying to delete the folder from the program files and has the program been deleted via Add/Remove Programs?
Any other issues other than this one?

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I was unable to access safe mode for one reason or another...i tried a reboot, pressing F8 with negative results...i went into the registry as you recommended. I was able to find the culprit in both places, HKEY_Local and HKEY_Current...deleted the Keys calleld Fighters under Software. Upon reboot "Fighters" appeared again. What am i missing here? I also now get the following splash screen...ERROR:Registry2.Key_error [RegOpenKeyEx()failed: Key"Software\Fighters\RCPRO\Misc\(2)] Not only this long string but i still get the Splash screen telling me ""your PC is in danger" etc. Last but not least, when attempting an uninstall of the culprit using Windows preferred method I receive the following..."This action is only valid for Products that are currently installed". Frustrated to say the least. I used to know better... don't install 3rd party crap, thinking that it will help. Seriously thinking Mac at this point. NOt looking forward to spending another Saturday re-installing Win7!:(