Trouble booting windows 7 when extra new SSD connected

Have just today wiped my RAID 0 array and secure erased both my OCZ agilty 3 SSD's, decided to not run in RAID again (kinda unstablke at times) so have reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit on a single SSD (only had one hooked up during install to prevent windows 7 install partitions getting split between drives), everything worked great, i loaded windows, added my 1TB HDD and also using disk manager added my second OCZ drive (initialized and quick formatted it), this shows up fine in 'Computer' menu with a drive letter assigned. I have followed the recommended SSD tuning steps in this link i found (so i was up to date haha)...
12 Things You Must Do When Running a Solid State Drive in Windows 7

I actually have left the page file active on my C: SSD since i have a ton of free space so don't feel the need for deleting it, anybody who knows have an opinion on that??? Should i not have it running?

The problem i have now is when i restart windows the windows boot fails (get error msg 'ctrl+alt+del to reboot' ) but as soon as i disconnect the second SSD drive (which is currently empty) it boots absolutely fine. Have been into the bios a bunch and couldn't find anything to specify what particular drive to boot off first, it just lists the 2 different hard drives i have (ssd and hdd) as well as removal disk and CD rom obv. I don't want to keep my computer case open and have to disconnect / reconnect the extra SSD every time obv, any tips on what could be causing this would greatly appreciated, so thx in advance

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