Turbo C++ for Windows 7

After reading quite a lot of articles and posts around the net for making turbo C++ run on windows 7 and windows Vista i finally found out a way to use TurboC++ on Windows 7 and Vista.

I tried a lot of methods and finally found a very easy and working method.

But i have written a small tutorial over it which can be found here :

Use Turbo C++ in Windows 7 and Vista | Proud Engineers

I hope people here appreciate my efforts and find the tutorial useful.

Direct links to necessary softwares have been posted on the link.

Please post your feedback here.

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I wouldn't call it spam exactly more a tutorial on how to get turboC++ to run under win7/vista the links point to freeware so no money is going to made buy the poster

Thanks for that my friend :)

I'm not a spammer.

Have worked professionally as a forum poster as well.

I hope i havent gone against any rules of this forum.

Hope this tutorial was useful. :D

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