Turn off "Show more details..." when selecting more than 15 files


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I don't understand what you use this feature for and how does it help you?

in what way does it benefit you

^ yes, but we are talking about selecting multiple files. If I select over 15 files it no longer shows the total size and you are forced to click show more details. It's a minor details, but would be nice to see total size as I am selecting. On XP if I highlight 35 files, it tells me right there what the total size it, no additional clicking.


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I think SnooGansâ„¢ has snookered us

time saving solution?

Hey guys,

did'nt though a simple annoying W7 issue could bring that much people together! ;o)

So, from what I've red yet; there is no option or registry tweak that fixes this issue! For me it's only a matter of esthetics; I'm not annoyed by this all the time so I can live wirth it.

SnooGans: if you're still there, I might have a time saving solution for you! It's the equivalent of right-clicking on the selectet files and then selecting "Properties" but dosen't use the mouse at all once you selected the items: just press ALT+ENTER once you selected your files.

* Haven't tried it on Window7 but it works in windows XP!

Good luck

Hi! I've just registered into the forum to try to clarify things a bit, as I have the same problem and I think I know why IceGotic complains about it.

What I used the "details pane" in WinXP for, was to select one file at a time and find out if they would fit into a dvd. This was very easy in WinXP, as in every file selection that "details pane" would update, letting you know the total size of the files selected.

Is it clear now? I think it's a very useful feature, that has been sadly taken away.

I agree totally. I urge Win7 programmers to add the feature "Turn off Show more details" for those who need it.
Unfortunately there are "established" members of this forum, who try to decline any complains they did not pick up while using Win7. That is against democracy

use explorer ++
sloved the problem

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