Windows 7 TV Card Worked With Vista but Not with 7


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I did a clean install with W7, the Hauppage card was recognized, and the drivers installed ok. Unfortunately, the TV application starts, but won't actually perform. I can close the application normally, so not a crash. It did work fine with Vista. When using Media Center, it says that necessary files are not availiable.
Hi there
What TV card are you using -- I've got a Hauppage WIN TV -HVR 900H (Analog And Digital Terrestial -- Freeview in the UK). Works fine (both Vista x-64 and W7 X-64).

I had some issues with W7 in getting the Tuner section to work . There are some issues with the .NET changes in W7.

It would only work for me by doing a VISTA ===> W7 upgrade (both X-64 versions). A bit of a mess but it fixed it fine for me ( the IR remote controller works as well).

However since I have full .NET installed with Visual Studio express 2008 (visual Basic express, Visual C# and Visual C++) installed on VISTA x-64 I did the update to W7 and it all worked fine. Normally I'd go for a Clean install but in this case this was the only way to get this stuff to work.

I've also got a Pinnacle PCTV 320 CX express pci card. There's a 64 bit vista version on the pinnacle site so if you really have trouble with Hauppage the pinnacle stuf works straight away.