Two 144Hz Monitors -> Bad fps only in Windows?


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Hey guys!
Im using a dual monitor system with two 144Hz capable monitors, which are connected via Display-Port and HDMI 2.0 to a GTX 980 ti. Graphics drivers are up-to-date, as is windows and there are no special monitor drivers.

Now for my problem:
Ingame, or in any full-screen program there is no problem (everything runs smooth). However, when in Windows, explorer-windows or any type of non-sullscreen applications like a pdf or word, or whatever is unbelievably slow (moving windows has maybe 20 fps). Does somebody know a solution, or has a similar problem?

- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
- Ram: 32,0 GB
- Nvidia GTX 980 Ti
- Windows 10 Education Version 20H2

Not sure in which to category i should post this, but probably its a Software Problem with windows...

Thanks a lot!


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You have an I7 with integrated Intel video controller. If I remember well you can force programs to using either. Right click on the desktop background, select the NVIDIA control panel, from there 3D settings, and check which progams are forced to using the the slower integrated Intel in stead of the fast GeForce.


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This is fairly normal with a dual GPU setup. Nvidia doesn't always detect your games, so open the Nvidia Control Panel. You can either change the 'Preferred graphics processor to the Nvidia card or what I typically do is go the 'Program Settings' tab and select or add the game that's missing and tell it to use the Nvidia card. Problem should be fixed.