two exploits sharing one concept …


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at first it seems these are two entirely different exploits. digging a bit deeper … they both share one ultimate concept … subjugating the hardware (core/chip), rather than the os's software. if i understand correctly … the first one even bypasses the os entirely.

my intent is just bringing this to everyone's attention … since i'm really not that technically inclined to offer opinion or judgement. heck, what better way to spend an evening … than reading the above two articles with a hot mug of caffè-lattè (or whatever they're called).

i decided the windows-security forum was the most relevant … both of the above links reside on the arstechnica domain.


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I think you're taking about Dirty COW. Which was recently found in Linux. It's existed for several years and it makes sense it would exist in Android. It's already been patched in most of the major Linux distros. That's probably how it was discovered in Android