Ubuntu is a great os system ;)

Ubuntu is a great os system, so is Windows 7, can't wait to buy it, I will do dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu, once I get homepremium

Ubuntu is really easy to install, If you made a free space on your laptop you can use free continues space, no need to do it manually, it is also fast as Windows 7, Ubuntu has Grub2, in which you can change the background picture of your dualboot.

You can also delete the temporary files inside /tmp folder it is safe cause I have tried it, never delete /tmp just inside it ;)

Ubuntu is an open source operating system with the intention of supplying an up-to-date, stable operating system for the normal computer user. In addition to stablility Ubuntu try to target ease of use and installation. Ubuntu can be used on almost anything including Desktops, Business PC’s, Notebooks and many others that are able to support x86 CPU or ARM CPUs, this has only been adapted in the 9.04 version.

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