Windows 8 Ultranoid (arkanoid-like game for Windows 8)

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    Ultranoid - it is a dynamic arkanoid with addictive gameplay, system of improvements and achievements, and with the global score table, where you can see your position in a world rating and records of the hundred best players. Your goal is to get as many points as you can, by destroying the blocks during the game. Next, the points are converted into credits and record. Credits uses for the purchase of improvements (50 improvements in the game in total). Record - to compete with other players. Complete the specific tasks to earn the achievements. With the earning of the achievements you opens a new game difficulties. The higher the difficulty, the more points awarded for destroying blocks, but at the same time, the conditions of the game will be more severe. Colorful graphics, dynamic gameplay and sound will give you a lot of fun while playing Ultranoid, and the system of the improvements, which brings a new gameplay elements, do not make you bored!

    50 equipment upgrades
    50 achievements
    7 worlds
    7 difficulties
    World score table
    Dynamic gameplay


    Can be downloaded from
    Ultranoid app for Windows in the Windows Store

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