Windows 8 Unable to access Activex Controls in IE10 windows 8


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Jan 3, 2013
Unable to access Activex control in IE10 of windows 8. we have a custom control accessed in a ASP.NET web page.
Control got installed in windows\system32\. But unable to access that from IE10.


so if I'm reading your post correctly, since you installed a 'custom control' you are now unable to access the ActiveX section under Internet options?
We really need further information as to what the custom control is or you could try removing it and seeing if the access comes back.

Here are the details:
ActiveX Control is installed to windows\system32

I have a ASP.NET web application in which accessing this control using <object> tag by providing class id & code base. I have set all the necessary settings for ActiveX controls under Internet Options.

When i installed IE10 in Windows 7 machine, i can able to access the ActiveX control, but the same not able to access in windows 8 machine.

Thanks in Advance.


checkout this blog on ActiveX and Plug-ins under Windows 8. I'm pretty sure that if this doesn't contain the help you need it might contain a link which may help you further.

Plugins and ActiveX controls (Windows)

I tried meta tag solution and check the other IE options as well, but of no luck.

One more point i would like to add is, it has worked in release preview version of Windows 8 with ActiveX settings in the IE.

Not sure whats new in Enterprise edition related to ActiveX settings.