Windows 7 unable to activate windows 7 rc1


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Feb 11, 2009
i contstantly keep getting this error while activation.
Updates are running smooth.
i live behind a college proxy server.
This is most likely due to the overwhelming demand on Microsoft's server'r right now.. I'd keep trying as the demand will subside after a few million people have gotten the RC downloads.. ;) I could be wrong of course but that's most likely the case... unless it's something to do with the college proxy server but I don't think that's the problem as you said your updates are running smoothly.. :)
same registration problem

i also get an error when i try to activate RC1 with my beta key that i got when i downloaded windows 7 from the microsoft website, first day i activated, it worked and said windows is genuine, then after the restart next day i got a message that i need to activate windows in 30 days :| so i tried to activate it again but i got this error:
Link Removed - Invalid URL

if anyone else got this working, please help, i had the same problem with the beta release 7077, i am using a broadband connection to the internet, i'm not behind any proxy and i tried it without firewall but still got nothing :(
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