Unable to copy the Windows 7 install DVD to a thumb drive


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Unable to copy the Windows 7 install DVD to a thumb drive

I am using Windows 7 PRO X64 desktop. I have been unable to copy the Windows 7 install DVD (happens to be a Dell OEM full WIN7 PRO X64 DVD) to a thumb drive. I have tried using Internet explorer and a file management program called “xplorer2” PRO X65 from zabkat.com ( I have used xplorer2 for many years with no problems).

I tried copying the entire DVD by selecting all the folders. The copy process starts and then in a few minutes I receive an error message “K:\boot\en-us\bootsect.exe.mui File copy failed Windows error = 1117: The request could not be performed because on an I/O device error”. (Using GOOGLE search I did find some references to the “mui” file extension not being easily copied and some (possible) solutions.) I click on cancel and the screen dims; the rotating blue circle appears and continues to rotate. After about 6-7 minutes I use Task manager, which shows the program is not responding, to kill the task. Same results for both Internet explorer and xplorer2.

As an experiment, I powered down and restarted WIN7. This time I selected a single folder; size about 100MB ( NOT the boot\en-us folder), on the DVD disk and started the copy process. Again the copy process started. This time I did not receive the error message (as expected, since I was not copying the bootsect.exe.mui file). The copy process was the same, after about 5-6 minutes, the screen dims, the rotating blue circle appears and continues to rotate. Wait about 6-7 minutes, use Task manager, which shows the program is not responding to kill the task. Same results for both Internet explorer and xplorer2.

MY question: Is there something unique about copying an Operating System install disk to a thumb drive? Do I need to use some (old) DOS process like XCOPY ? I have been able to copy files, folders from DVD disks to thumb drives many times



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There shouldn't be anything special copying the files. An IO error could mean their is a problem with the DVD itself.


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Hi krazykat;
Sorry to tell you your program won't work with W7!! Using DOS commands such as XCOPY is a sign of both desperation and the fact that your are out of date with computer technology--no Offense!:p W7 copy protection is much improved over both Vista and XP (and earlier windows versions). This is why your program is not working. Personally, it took me 2 years to figure out how to get a bootable verison of W7 (32bit and 64bit) on a flash drive! :eek: I know, I'm slower at that than just about anybody else here on the forum. :redface: But, I did manage to figure it out. I usually don't disclose stuff like this, as it gives me a competitive edge, and I don't want my competitors to get a hold of it.:ohno: To my knowledge, though, none of those guys are hanging out here on WF (I hope!). In any case, it can be done, you are just going about it the wrong way.

One of the things I discovered along the way to solving this problem, was to not believe anyone's recommendations about the sites which will work to download the correct and legal Microsoft free W7 ISO file! The best place to get it is directly from a Microsoft site like this one:
Windows USB/DVD Download Tool - Microsoft Store
If you get links from any of our Admins here on our forum, most but not all of those have worked for me, including some links to legit 3rd party hosting sites such as Digital River, which is a legit digital media download site for Microsoft.
Note that this tool is the W7 version of the new tool in W10 called the MCT (Microsoft Creation Tool). I've since used this tool to create multiple W10 bootable flash drives as well.

What I discovered next was that the Microsoft windows-usb-dvd-download-tool works great with making Bootable DVD discs; but NOT bootable flash/thumb drives!!:eek: As you're reading this, you're probably thinking what?? :confused: Hang in there; I did find a solution. It turns out the ISO file you download from Microsoft site link above is ok, but the Microsoft tool to burn it to a flash drive is not (with a few exceptions)! :wound:
It turns out that I tried about 6 of the other tools (not including yours which I've never heard of working with any windows), the only 2 I was able to get to work are RUFUS and WinToBootIC. Both of these tools are completely free which was a nice bonus!:D Several of the other guys here laughed at me when I relayed this story previously; but it was my process and it eventually worked!:applaud:

It turns out that RUFUS had issues when using an older flash/thumb drive--wouldn't work. I had to buy a Brand New flash drive in order to get W7 to work. :waah: It turns out that the best tool I personally found was WinToBootIC. It's written by a Ukranian guy and looks a little wanky, but boy did it work for me!:up: Also, WinToBootIC it worked with ALL major brands of flash/thumb drives, old and new! :ohyea:

So, that's what you need to do. Also, if you can't get a bootable W7 flash drive using the above, then try it on another computer!:lightbulb: For 6 months, I couldn't get it to work on my Dell desktop PC, and then one day I had an epiphany and decided to try it on my Sony laptop-and voila: it worked! :fdance: Turned out I had a bad install or something on my Desktop PC, and after making one on my Sony laptop, I went back and uninstalled the WinToBootIC on my Desktop and it finally then worked!:fdance: But, I didn't know that at that time. If you don't have another computer to try it on like I did, perhaps you can borrow one from a family-member, neighbor, friend, or co-worker.

The Good News for you is that it is possible! :D

I carry like 2 or 3 W7 bootable flash drives on my key ring (I have like 7 of them) I use for troubleshooting an repair of W7 computers whenever I go to a Customer's house. They really come in handy.;) I keep an extra in my truck too. I've also made a few for a select number of good friends.

Lastly, if you get stuck and decide to throw in the towel; you should know that Dell and HP and most of the major computer makers now offer factory Recovery Media in USB stick mode (what you are trying to make yourself) for a mere $49-$99 US or so. Here's a photo of what they look like:

Best of luck,:eagerness:


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Thanks for taking the time to give me the the results of your (long) learning experience with making WIN7 bootable USB drive , really appreciate your support. Your statement
" W7 copy protection is much improved over both Vista and XP (and earlier windows versions)", is news to me. First time I have seen/heard that WIN7, the OS, has built in copy protection. Does the copy protection apply only to making copies of OS install disks, or there other programs? This is the first time I have had a problem with making a copy of any program.
Obviously, I have not tried to copy WIN7 OS. I was not even close, but thanks to your detailed information about WinToBootIC I will be able to make the bootable USB stick. I assume the "safe" site to download is www.wintobootic.com/ ?
I may be "...are out of date with computer technology--no Offense! (no offense taken); knowing the CMD line and "older technology" comes in very handy. With your guidance and information I will not have to throw in the towel. Thanks again for your time.