Windows 7 Unable to perform windows update


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Mar 11, 2009
Hi! I've been testing Windows 7 for some time now, and have recently come across an issue. I'm unable to perform windows update. Generally it would come back with there are no updates available, however, now I get an error message "80072EE2 Windows update encountered an unknown error"

I've tried lookin around the web for an answer, to no avail. Any ideas out there? Appreciate the help!

P.S. I've not installed anything new or made any changes to the system aside a new video card since I was last able to update on 2/19/2009. Thanks again

Actually fixed my own issue with some sluething lol. Found that my firewall (AVG) was blocking the SVChost request when attempting to update. Was never an issue in the past so didn't think to check it before. Disabled the firewall, and boom updates.
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I used a legit product key, was able to get the update to work by disabling my AVG firewall :) It was blocking a communication between my PC and the update servers.
Yes, I didn't like AVG Internet Security as it constantly blocked my applications, so I downgraded to AVG Free Anti-virus, you still get all the components nessecary (Antivirus, antispywaare, link scanner etc)
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