Unexpected full shutdown problem


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Hi Mitchell - yeah, I'd another couple of runs on it last week - 3 before the system had even got booted up (i.e. nowhere near Win 7) again so beginning to think it's defo more a hardware issue now and thinking primarily of the PSU. If nothing else, it might prove the cheaper item to start replacing and so I'm hoping to do that shortly - but appreciate you checking the situation.

Think we may just put this thread to bed for a bit now and see if I can resolve the hardware side of things first which will take me some weeks possibly as finances are beyond stretched just now. Given the intermittent nature of the problem it's hard to know how long to give it after I replace the PSU before I'd know it was sorted anyway, and now I'm pretty convinced it's not a Win 7 issue or software of any form, I'm content to close this help request :).

But thanks again - you've been great at working alongside me in getting to help me figure things out better. :D


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No problem with the help :)
Did you we discuss reformatting as an option? You may want to try that before you go swapping parts.


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Mystery solved - I think :)

Not 100% sure yet given it's only been a couple of days, but after a horrendous day on Sunday where the system shutdown repeatedly almost every time it was restarted over a period of a couple of hours, I decided to disconnect a USB hub just to see whether it was having any effect, and incredibly since then all has run perfectly.

Given it appeared to be a hardware rather than a software issue, and as the power supply which was the only contender for the title really wasn't overheating or seemingly likely to be the culprit, and because to replace it was going to cost a cool £50 at least, I really wanted to ensure I'd looked at all the other possibilities, and the hub was the 1st on the list.

So I'm hopeful now that perhaps that is it sorted - if not, it'll be the PSU and I'll just have to shell out, but something tells me I've found the real problem.

So once again, thanks so much Mitchell for all your help and input - been a very interesting if long drawn out discussion but I've learnt a LOT in the process thanks to you. Muchos gracias!


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I sure hope the USB hub is causing the problem ;):)
Si no es así, ver otra vez pronto.

Strange, as I'd think there would be event log entries related to a hardware problem
Oh well, if it's fixed, who cares :D

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