Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died


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I've been experiencing either of the two BSOD's which are Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died back to back, they do not occur unless the laptop is under considerable load (i.e gaming or multiple chrome tabs along with IDE(s). I encountered this problem for the first time around 3-4 weeks ago and the frequency has gone up ever since. After any among the two BSOD occurs the error repeats for a few times afterwards when I would try to switch my laptop back on. I've tried several fixes which i found online from sfc /scannow to re-installing the anti-virus to even resetting the computer but nothing seems to work. I have attached the minidump file of the recent crash. Please Help :pray:.

\\Dell 7588 using
Micron 110 SATA 256GB (consisting OS)
ST1000LM048-2E7172(Seagate 1TB BarraCuda) \\


  • 072120-13171-01.dmp
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Have you made any hardware changes to the system recently?

  • Run sfc /scannow to make sure there isn't and operating system corruption
  • Test your hard drive
  • Test your RAM