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help me

  1. Aditya Ratan Vyas

    Windows 10 Can't Install Windows 10 on my Laptop PLEASE HELP ME I am fed up of this Windows 7

    Whenever i try to install windows 10, when it reaches the final step when it get restart after restart it prompts Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware. I tried fixing it more than 10-20 times with every method on youtube and web. PLEASE HELP ME My Laptop...
  2. H

    Windows 10 Please help with malware

    Today Windows Defender started giving me notifications about "Hive.yz" which is apparently ransomware and it won't shut up about it. I've clicked "Block" under the "Actions" tab after clicking the notification each time but it hasn't helped. Currently performing a full scan of my computer after...
  3. L

    Windows 11 Windows broke after update

    I Got issues with my Windows. It started updating automatically. It did that thing where it says “hello. We are making everything ready for you” or something like that. It also said that it took longer that they expected. After the update the screen was black and the windows thing down in the...
  4. Endgiver101

    Windows 8 Booting Error Message

    I’ve been having trouble with my computer. Half of the screen is broken, so I usually use a monitor. The problem is when I try to turn it on it turns on as normal, but in the middle of the process, it stops and displays an error message. I cannot transcribe the message completely due to the half...
  5. J

    Windows 10 Problem Wiping PC Through Recovery

    I use my pc for gaming and I was looking to restart my pc in order to get rid of software problems I was having. Last night I was able to get through the process until it came to my pc restarting itself, no input was being received about 30 mins after it had restarted. So I then used the restart...
  6. aditya5909

    Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died

    I've been experiencing either of the two BSOD's which are Unexpected Store Exception and Critical Process Died back to back, they do not occur unless the laptop is under considerable load (i.e gaming or multiple chrome tabs along with IDE(s). I encountered this problem for the first time around...
  7. A

    Windows 10 Windows defender having serious issues/Virus?

    So my windows defender stopped working completely, i noticed it when the scan option disappeared from my context menu. I went and checked to see if windows defender was on and there no sys tray icon and the windows security menu shows as blank when opened. Virus and threat protection menu will...
  8. RUDY03

    Characters always shifting positions vastly when switching back and forth (GTA 5 PC)

    Hey guys, The only thing I do with my GTA 5 PC is try out mods. Last year, I had a pirated copy which was outdated, so no mods, but I could still have the characters meet up because they would stay where I kept them for some time before going around by themselves, even after switching...
  9. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Sudden restart and then Defender offline on the Boot Screen?

    Hey guys, I'm supper worried as I type this. I'm typing this from the same PC on which not 15 minutes ago, I was playing Sleeping Dogs, and all of a sudden, it just went out. Monitor displayed the usual "Analog" "Digital" box when it usually turns off (Samsung monitors do it, that's how I know...
  10. RUDY03

    Is my internet too slow?

    Hello people! I have two internet systems at home. The first is a Vodafone mobile router, which is limited to 8GB per month, and gives a fine speed of around 7 Mbps according to speedtest.net and I have a second broadband connection at home which can be used as Wi-Fi as well as be plugged-in to...