Characters always shifting positions vastly when switching back and forth (GTA 5 PC)

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Hey guys,
The only thing I do with my GTA 5 PC is try out mods.
Last year, I had a pirated copy which was outdated, so no mods, but I could still have the characters meet up because they would stay where I kept them for some time before going around by themselves, even after switching characters, back and forth. This way, I could do some fun stuff, like riding the back of CargoBob with T, while flying it with M.
Now, with a newer build, I have a cool functioning Cargo plane mod, and want to have at least two protagonists in it, one for flying, and one for jumping out while its flying. The thing is, now no matter how many times I've tried, I cannot seem to get them meet face to face outside missions. Because, once I switch back and forth, characters seem to change their positions vastly, from one end of the city, to another, in an instant.
Now, I don't know what to do. Even after dropping somebody off after hanging out, and changing into them, causes the guy to be somewhere else, miles away! Even though he was dropped some seconds ago, at a far different place. Please help me with this guys, as I have not been able to find any solutions for this. Mod suggestions are fine too. I've even tried to freeze F with Menyoo mod, so that T could find him, but he changed his position after I switched back a moment (literally) later, and was at his house eating a bag of chips.
Help me please. I really wanna try out this mod, and make a video on it.
I'd suggest buying a copy of the game, we don't condone nor provide assistance when it comes to piracy.
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