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Windows 10 Please help with malware


New Member
Sep 4, 2022
Today Windows Defender started giving me notifications about "Hive.yz" which is apparently ransomware and it won't shut up about it. I've clicked "Block" under the "Actions" tab after clicking the notification each time but it hasn't helped. Currently performing a full scan of my computer after 3 quick scans showed nothing. How do I remove this malware? I haven't downloaded anything off the internet lately, the only thing I've done recently is trade for a Degreaser in TF2 on Steam and I'm pretty sure it's not possible to hide malware in that. My computer is running slower than normal and Antimalware Service Executable is taking up about 90% of my CPU right now. Somebody please help
Malware does not always require user interaction to download and execute. I would start by installing a couple of extra tools and scan to validate the system is clean. Windows Defender can be disabled by malware, or if malware does get the chance to execute it ca effectively hide itself from the system including endpoint protection.

If the issue persists you may want to consider taking it to an IT shop to have it professionally fixed