Windows 10 Sudden restart and then Defender offline on the Boot Screen?


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Jul 27, 2016
Hey guys,
I'm supper worried as I type this. I'm typing this from the same PC on which not 15 minutes ago, I was playing Sleeping Dogs, and all of a sudden, it just went out. Monitor displayed the usual "Analog" "Digital" box when it usually turns off (Samsung monitors do it, that's how I know it shut down). Then, it restarted, and I saw the HP logo with the regular round loading below it, and then instead of the lock screen, I faced a blue screen (BSoD?) , with my mouse over it. Nothing written.
Then, I forcefully shut it down by cutting power, and then I tried to start it again, but this time, I had the Windows Defender window on the Blue Screen. It had already started scanning by itself, and it was a Quick Scan. It also had "Windows Defender Offline" written. And, the title bar was of a Windows 7 Beginner type, not of the regular Windows 10 style. It also had it written that "Your PC will restart after the scan is over", and "Protected" was also written in a green bar below the Title bar.
Then, after the scan was over, it restarted, and the round loading came up, and went out again, and again it came up for a second time, which is when it finally booted, and then it took 2 minutes to get into desktop after entering my Password.
I'm super afraid, and need to know what this was even all about. Virus attack? Because, why Windows Defender?

P.S. My PC was hot this time if it helps, but it normally is around 70°C anyways, after hours of gaming, so maybe the heat caused it?. No screenshots, obviously.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
It could be; but we'll need to get the mini-dump for our Dump Crash Analysts to take a look at if you got 1 or more BSODs. Here's the link on how to do this: How to ask for help with a BSOD problem

It sounds like it could be a virus/malware attack or a Windows registry corruption issue. Have you scanned with WD and removed all viruses found? If yes, and none were found you need to visit and download the free trialware version of Malwarebytes v3.06. Scan/remove all spyware viruses found. The trial version is good for 30 days on your computer and will remove infections on it during that period. If it works for you; you'll need to pony up $40 on your Credit Card to keep it working on your computer. It is the best antispyware out there. Many of us here are now buying licenses for the program to enable it to stay on our Customer computers and keep them safe.

Of course, you could have failing hardware such as a hard drive or RAM stick; so I would recommend that you do hardware testing of your rig if you haven't already done so. Prior to testing your hardware or attempting any software repairs suggested by our Dump Analysts, we strongly suggest that you FIRST BACKUP ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA! THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOUR LIBRARY FOLDERS FOR DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, AND ANY SAVED E-MAILS OR ATTACHMENTS IN ORDER TO AVOID IRRETRIEVABLE DATA LOSS!!

Take a look at my free TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE here to test your hardware and reset/reinstall your W10 if necessary: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar

Finally, your temps seem Ok; 72 deg. C is the Max on any of your component temps such as CPU, GPU card/chip, or HDD. It is borderline, so you might need a better PSU with stronger +12Vdc rails. Full HW specs on your rig would definitely be helpful to all of us. We cannot see through our screens to your living room and see what you have, so you need to tell us. If you don't have your specs handy or can't dig them up if you through away all your receipts when you built your rig, visit and download/install the free SPECCY diagnostic and run it. Upload the resulting output .txt file back here to this thread so we can see exactly what hardware you have. What's nice about SPECCY, is that you will get temps for all 3 components I mentioned above right on the SPECCY summary screen when you launch the program. If any of those 3 temps are overtemping above 72 deg C. you most likely have thermal damage on one or more of those components and they may need to be replaced.:waah: We aren't there yet, so you have to follow all our steps. I use SPECCY on all my computers as well as Customer computers, whether they are Gamers or not.o_O

We normally recommend you work on getting the files we need from your BSOD, which means you'll need to get your computer to crash again. Prior to trying to break your computer again, you should tell us whether or not your have all your Library folders backed up to external media as in my Giant Red Warning above. Once you have done that, you can submit your files and wait for our Crash Dump Analysts to get back to you and give you things to try such as removing bad programs (PUPs), and outdated device drivers.;)

While you are waiting for the results to come back to you via this thread, you can begin your HW testing, using my TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE link above, and wait on the more aggressive software repairs until we give you instructions from your BSOD dump files. After trying all those suggestions, which will often solve your problem, you should be good to go! :up:

If your problem persists then you can look at the more aggressive software repairs such as W10 reset/reinstallation as outlined in my T/S GUIDE. This will allow you to test your HW should you need to do these repairs and know that they will have the best chance of working since if you have failed HW, no software on the planet can fix that!:noway:

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