Windows 11 Windows broke after update

Lucas rathjen

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Aug 17, 2021
I Got issues with my Windows. It started updating automatically. It did that thing where it says “hello. We are making everything ready for you” or something like that. It also said that it took longer that they expected. After the update the screen was black and the windows thing down in the bottom of the screen was blinking. After a while it stopped and everything was normal except it had deleted all of my documents and this is my school laptop so the documents is kinda important. I can’t open the windows icon in the left corner and can’t go to settings so I don’t know if it updated to windows 11. Can anyone help pls?
And everything like explorer and stuff is unavailable. I can’t open them. When I try I get a message that says “the class is not registrered”(the message is translated from danish to English)
Windows 11 is quite a bit different and you'd notice plus you need to be on the insider program to get it.
I'd start by opening a command prompt and run 'sfc /scannow'

I have a feeling Windows might of had issues loading your profile which will cause Windows to create a temp profile which has the appearance of "your data is gone"
Neemobeer, is this guy on Apple ? His icon seem to tell a message. You be good.
That's nothing more than the browser user agent. I can change mine at will as can many people or he is simply on a iPhone
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