Windows 10 Problem Wiping PC Through Recovery


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I use my pc for gaming and I was looking to restart my pc in order to get rid of software problems I was having. Last night I was able to get through the process until it came to my pc restarting itself, no input was being received about 30 mins after it had restarted. So I then used the restart button on my case believing that it would load me in to the fresh windows that I had just wiped. Instead it loaded up as normal giving me a process failed message. Now when I try to repeat the process of wiping the pc it says getting things ready, I waited 30 mins without this message going away.

To clarify what i'm talking about for help
settings > update and security > recovery > reset this pc > remove everything > data erasure setting > confirm > next (after clicking next the indefinet getting things ready appears)

And when I first reset the pc it went straight from getting things ready into the percentage until restart.
I sincerely appreciate any help given.
I don't use the built in reset that MS offers. If I'm going to reset/wipe as you stated, which is referred to a clean install......I use MS MCT to create a bootable USB thumb drive with current OS ISO on it. I boot from that to install my OS. I use a usb 3.0 for this and it takes me about 10 minutes to get up and running.