Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception bsod


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May 26, 2016
So i've had this problem in my pc when i was using windows 7 for a while and it only got more frequent after upgrading to windows 10, any idea how to fix this?


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Hi! @PleaseHalp Not sure what's in your Zip file. Not sure what problem you are having. I don't like to see new threads not answered when I'm logged on. Can you be more specific about you problems. Thank you!
Welcome to the forum!
Love to help but don't understand attached zip file relationship can you describe what is happening?
Hi PleaseHalp,
thank you for posting your blue screen details. I've moved your thread to the correct section and will debug your dump files now. I'll post again shortly.
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {0, 2, 1, fffff8039c42f4cf}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iaStorA.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStorA.sys
Probably caused by : iaStorA.sys ( iaStorA+6b696 )

Followup: MachineOwner
of the two dump files sent one blamed the graphics driver and the above is blaming the Intel Storage driver. This actual bugcheck can also be triggered by not only drivers but AV suites, faulty system service and bios/hardware issues.
The other dump file was a TDR or Timeout detection and recovery which basically means the graphics driver tried to reset but didn't respond in time.

aswHwid.sys Mon Apr 25 12:39:01 2016: Avast! HWID driver

I see your running Avast AV and would ask you remove this until the debugging is over. Just use the on board Defender as this is ultra stable.

Please update your chipset 'Inf'. Use this link to download the chipset inf:
Intel Chipset Software Installation WHQL Download

HECIx64.sys Mon Dec 17 19:32:21 2012: Intel Management Engine Interface. whilst not as important as the inf driver above see if you can find a windows 10 driver:
Drivers & Software

iaStorA.sys Wed Jul 10 22:32:04 2013: Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver please update:
Download Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver

L1C62x64.sys Wed May 29 08:15:30 2013: Atheros® AR8151-B 10/100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit LAN). I checked but it seems this is the most recent driver.

nvlddmkm.sys Fri Aug 07 00:16:04 2015: Nvidia Graphics driver. This needs updating. Please download and use the Display Driver Uninstaller or DDU. You run this whilst in safe mode and it will not only remove the driver but anything else left behind by previous driver installs:
Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V15.7.5.5 Released. (Stable) - Wagnardmobile Forum
Once removed please install the latest whql driver for your card:
NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL

VBoxAswDrv.sys Fri Apr 08 09:29:57 2016: Avast VirtualBox Support Driver please remove.

File scans
Right click on the Start menu icon and from the revealed list choose 'admin command prompt'. Type:
sfc /scannow
press enter and await results

In the same command prompt and after the above scan has finished type:
dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
Press enter and await results (longer this time).

If the first scan found files it could not repair but the second scan is successful, run the first scan again using the same command prompt box and this time it should repair the files found.

I notice you don't have a huge amount of space on the C drive also are you running in a RAID configuration?

Please try the above and post back.

If the bsod continues then there other things to try including a pending bios update but first let's try the above and then see where we are.

Post any new dump files.
  1. Right click on "my computer" icon and click "manage" on the context menu.
  2. It will open the "computer management" window.
  3. Select "Device Manager" in the left pane, It will list all the existing devices up.
  4. Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" by clicking on the triangle in front of it.
  5. Select one Intel device item under it, right click, uninstall.
  6. Continue the process for all Intel items under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"
  7. Now restart the computer. At restart, windows will auto configure the appropriate native system driver. hope it helps
Apologies for the confusion but please update as I first posted and not as above.

The above would perhaps help if we were simply dealing Intel drivers but we are not. Plus you have an updated Intel driver available for the storage driver.
I didn't see any other issues relating to Intel drivers.

Please let us know about your HDD set up thanks.

Post any new dump files.
Thanks for the help!
I wasnt able to make the third download work because an error message popped up saying it was incompatible with the system.
As for the command prompt, i was unable to scan the files and when i tried typing the other command it gave me an error called 0x800f081f. But the pc still hasnt crashed for now, should i look for new dump files anyways?
lol kimical did say to ignore my post or yours sorry i missunderstud that it is a bit confusing
anyways dinnertime here either to say talk to guys maybe later:polite::wave: mate
So far so good! Thank you all for helping me out!
One more thing, will there be any problems if i download another antivirus again?
So far so good! Thank you all for helping me out!
One more thing, will there be any problems if i download another antivirus again?
Your very welcome!

You could always try running Avast again and as long as the machine runs fine then use it.

Any issues please post back.
You can use Avast if you like as kemical suggests but if you don't you will have Windows Defender and that is more for today's real problems anyway assuming you stayed on Windows 10.
I prefer Defender and Malwarebytes Pro but it's entirely up to you. Is it a case that you'd rather not use Defender?
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