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I'm trying to uninstall a program because it continuously freezes my laptop, but it is unable because it claims it's still running. According to task manager, all programs are closed, but I'm still unable to. The program is mp navigator ex 2.0 for a canon scanner. My question is what should I try next?
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Boot into Save Mode (press during startup F8, select save mode), and you should be able to uninstall


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Booting into safe mode as bochane suggested will prevent most applications from running so you should be able to remove it.

Hi I don't know if this will work for your particular issue, but I have had some success with these freeware. Both these are highly recommended on many help forums! Good luck if safe mode doesn't work could give these a look!;)
Unlocker 1.9.2
Everything Search Engine

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You could also got to msconfig and find the program under the startup tab and turn it off reboot and then you should be able to do the uninstall.

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