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Unknown deice


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Oct 3, 2010
I have recently reset my wife's Acer E5-571 back to factory condition and it is now running Windows 10 Home 32 bit.

During the setup I found that the touchpad was not working and I had to use a USB mouse.

Browsing Control Panel/Device Manager I see that under Mouse and Other Pointers there is an entry HD Compliant Mouse. I removed this device and the mouse stopped working. I restarted the computer and it was reset. The mouse worked but the touchpad still did not.

Under Device Manager/ Other Devices I found that there is an Unknown Device. Under Drivers I found that this unknown device had been disabled. I enabled it and restarted the computer and found that the Unknown Device was still enabled but the touchpad still did not work.

As suggested on this site I tried to reload the correct driver for the touchpad and tried to update the BIOS. Despite selecting the driver and BIOS for the correct laptop serial number I am told that they are both unsuitable for my laptop.

I am now wondering if I reset the computer to factory conditions incorrectly by using the incorrect software. I have and I have had quite a few Acer laptops over the years so I may have chosen the wrong software. My scribbled note on the USB drive says E4-574, initially I assume that I had made an error marking the USB but now I am not so sure.

(i) Is there any way to check to see if I made an error with the software?
(ii) how can I get the correct software to completely reset my E5-571 to factory conditions?

Many thanks
You'll want to go to the manufacturer support site, search the model and download and install the driver for the touchpad
Thanks for the reply

I tried that very early on but with no success. Thew computer tells me that the downloaded driver is not compatible with my machine even though I used the SANID to select the driver.
You may not have downloaded the current driver.