1. FunHD2

    Windows 10 Windows 10 critical corruptions and missing files.

    I am very confused that this windows installation still even works. Not even commands work correctly. Windows defender is fucked up and integrity is non-existent. But I have an idea, I always have an idea. But I don't know if it does the correct thing for my problems. I want to reset windows...
  2. T

    Windows 10 Reset This PC : Misery and Subsequent Recovery

    I want to recount how 'Reset my PC' saved my *** recently. My misery started when I replaced a failing 10-year old Lexmark printer with a new Epson WF-4740 AIO. Long story short(er) I was unable to uninstall the Lexmark and made the mistake of trying to manually delete the Lexmark drivers and...
  3. D

    Unknown deice

    I have recently reset my wife's Acer E5-571 back to factory condition and it is now running Windows 10 Home 32 bit. During the setup I found that the touchpad was not working and I had to use a USB mouse. Browsing Control Panel/Device Manager I see that under Mouse and Other Pointers there...
  4. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 resets file association after restart

    Every time I reset my Windows, the file association for web, pdf, txt, music, email, etc is reset. I have tried using some applications and hacks specified in How do I stop Windows 10 from Resetting default file associations? to prevent Windows 10 from doing this, but they were not helpful...
  5. SirBungly

    Windows 10 Multiple Issues with Windows Firewall

    So my Windows Firewall has been playing up recently. I have no other firewalls on my PC and just use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes for antivirus. A few months ago the firewall started requesting access for any application that wanted to connect to the internet every time I opened the...
  6. R

    Windows 10 Window 10 Black Screen problem

    I've had Windows 10 for a while on my HP laptop. Yesterday, I got a gray screen and was unable to do anything without resetting the laptop to factory format. Now I have lost windows 10 and am back to Windows 7. Furthermore, my backup CD's won't reset/recover my former settings and all my...
  7. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 How to reset Cortana

    I felt Cortana deserved it's own tutorial since it requires a different approach in order to correctly reset. Since Cortana is a system application it can not be uninstalled like other applications. You also cannot remove the settings folder in your user profile because the SYSTEM account...
  8. A

    Windows 8 Mouse keys, both keys do the same action after virus removal

    Hi! It was a some kind of virus on a computer and noone of the keys was working properly(could only switch between windows by clicking and nothing more), both (left and right) shows menu now after removing the virus. It is an Acer laptop with Windows 8. How to reset or configure them to work as...
  9. P

    Windows 8 Help with Refreshing / Resetting upgraded Windows 8.1

    Hello, Recently I unsuccessfully tried to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (the process froze at 32%/6%), and now I'm thinking about performing Windows 8.1 reset / refresh first and re-try upgrading to Windows 10 after that. My problem is: when I bought my Desktop PC (a HP) it came with the...