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Windows 10 Windows 10 critical corruptions and missing files.

Should I reset my Windows Installation?

  • Don't reset your Windows installation and try to check and repair in other ways.

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  • Use the fresh start option.

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  • Reset your Windows installation and remove personal files.

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  • Reset your Windows installation to factory settings. (If available).

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New Member
Dec 5, 2019
I am very confused that this windows installation still even works. Not even commands work correctly. Windows defender is fucked up and integrity is non-existent.
But I have an idea, I always have an idea. But I don't know if it does the correct thing for my problems.

I want to reset windows 10.
If you read the stuff above, you know how fucked up my system is. My system is a corrupt mess. The registry is basically dead, the files are damaged.

So is that a perfect option? Cause it seems like.

(Also, the system is sadly still working with pain. Just wanted to tell you...)

A more detailed list of problems:
Windows store won't open, fixing it won't work.
The Searchbar is broken, even the most advanced of problem fixing can't fix that.
Several files and registries are corrupted, which makes my life hard.
The Windows Installation is unstable and has many missing functions due to corruption.
Many files are damaged.
The system is very laggy and hates everything.
Troubleshooting stops midway, and I can't troubleshoot the troubleshoot, you know?
Due to commands not working properly, and troubleshooting being unavailable, I can't fix stuff.

More info:
The problems are getting more and worse every week, the system is slowly rotting till the day that it might not even boot anymore.
I thank CCleaner, my love to crash stuff, and more for those problems. (I was a fool, and now I want to get that clean Windows 10 feel back.)
My research comes from several forum posts, articles, system experiences, and built-in troubleshooting which couldn't even work properly.

My specs:

Graphics - NVidia GeForce GT 710 / 1GB
CPU - Intel Core i7 920 / 1st Gen
RAM - 8GB Ram / DDR3
Monitor - 1080P / LCD
Storage - 500GB HDD
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The best option is a data backup from a boot disk and clean install. A testament to why utility programs are not a good idea.