Windows 7 Update BrowserFlags and EditFlags in window7 registry via VB code

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    Our application is in VB6 and environment is Window XP. We are using WebBrowser control to display data of Word doc files

    i.e. we are opening word files always inside the WebBrowser control.Our application send email to user with body as word

    files i.e we paste word file data into email body part.Our VB code is perfectly working with office 2003 and office 2010.

    We are doing following changes in window registry via VB code for temporary basis:


    updating BrowserFlags value to H80000024


    updating EditFlags value to 65536


    updating EditFlags value to 65536


    updating BrowserFlags value to H80000024


    updating EditFlags value to 65536


    updating EditFlags value to 65536

    Now we are migrating environment from WinXP to Win7. I have following query for Win7 environment :

    1) Will we able to do registry changes using VB code on the all same path as mentioned above ?

    2)Will Word doc files always open inside webBrowser control ?

    3)Do we require additional registry changes for BrowserFlags and EditFlags via VB code ?

    4)Please suggest us what else we have to do for registry changes and to send email ?

    Hi, Is there any updates ?

    I am adding one more query . If Win7 support team does not give us rights to change registry then without changing values of BrowserFlags and EditFlags , how word docs files will open in webBrowser control of VB ?
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