Update Microsoft NET.Framework 4.5.2 for Windows 7 failed to install


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Installation failed error code (0x80070643) on Dell, Latitude E6400 notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, What needs to be done to fix this. It is prventing installation of Photoshope Elements 13.


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Hi Josephur, I have in mind using log files to capture exactly what happened to cause the failure. Could it be a log file was already created. If so where can I find it. If not what software should I use?


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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 has failed to install 3 times.
03/14/14, KB2600271 Code 66A
10/23/14, KB2931356 Code 80246005
03/12/15, KB2901983 Code 643
Could the cause of these fatal failures be the same?

I followed the link to more information provided on the first failure 03/14/14, downloaded an ran an installation utility that also incured a fatal error, but it recorded a log file.

In the log file it says MSI (D:\3dac6fa8787h6ad68aa2f34b899a\netfx_Full_GDR_x86.msi) Installation failed.
It sounds like this is the point of failure. Can someone decipher the information? What was the installation program looking for that it didn't find? Was it blocked or wasn't it running? It the sitauation repeat 2 more times? Can someone help me?


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What I would do is go to Microsoft.com and manually download .NET Framework 4.5.2 and attempt to install it from the exe, then when it fails you should have a detailed log on why the installation failed.

According to Microsoft.. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee390831(v=vs.110).aspx :
The following log files are generated during .NET Framework 4.5 setup:
%temp%\Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5*.txt
%temp%\Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5*.html

You can also use the log collection tool on that page to compress the logs into a cab file so you can post them here for further assistance.


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Hi Josephur, Sounds like good advice, will do ASP.

I just performed a "Clean Boot" for the first time :) Then I tried to install update NET Framework 4.5.2 iit failed again - seems like the update itself is cause of Fatal failure.


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