Updates and PC settings not working correctly.

So i just got a Windows update last night when i shut my computer off. Im not sure if i set it up to automatically update when i installed windows as i ran into quite a few problems when installing and kind of rushed through things when i finally got it to work. However i wanted to check the update and it details and make sure it wasnt something i didnt need on my computer or some stupid virus or something of that nature. When i try to go into PC settings to change whether updates automatically install or not it minimizes PC settings. I go back into PC settings and try to click updates and recovery and again it minimizes, pull it back up and its back to PC settings screen. It will not let me go into the updates and recovery page, this really bothers me. I am running on windows 8.1 Full version 64 bit. If anybody could tell me why this is and could teach me how to check what updates are installed on my computer and the details of them i would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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