Updates before shutdown & before login

I was wondering for quite some time - why does windows 7 (and maybe other windows versions) setup/install updates before shutting down the computer and sometimes even after booting & before login?

On other OSes like Ubuntu the updates are installed when doing the update so when you shutdown the computer it just shuts down, so you don't have to wait for a random amount of extra time, which could even be a problem if you need the shutdown/restart to happen asap.


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Hi cl333r and Welcome to The Forum.

Usually happens when it needs to add / remove / replace system files that are locked while in use. So it swaps them about when they're not being used.


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It is also neccessary, in the case of Microsoft updates, to shut down services before applying updates. It does this during the shutdown/restart process.

but Ubuntu (and others) also adds/removes/replaces system files while updating and stops/restarts services, but it does it while updating, not before shutdown or before login. So I'm wondering why does Microsoft do it the other way? I find it slightly annoying that when I need to shutdown the computer and leave - the computer suddenly says like "not so fast, wait, I'm applying updates 5% .. 10... .... 100%".


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I really don't see it as a problem, just hit shutdown and leave. I have to admit I do prefer the *nix approach but Microsoft's way isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Thanks, sure it's a minor issue, (it wasn't my aim to get someone to agree with me on this issue), I was rather asking (out of curiosity) if someone knows why it happens this way in windows 7 (cause I use it a lot for gaming, you know).

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