Windows 7 upgrade from v7000 to v7022


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I'm thinking about updating my home desktop to version 7022. Can you simply do an upgrade to version 7000 or do you have to do a clean install?
that is weird, lets hope so. what sort of graphics card do you have/how much graphics memory?
yeah thats what I'm thinking. It seems no one else is experiencing the problem I'm having with aero so hopefully it will get fixed if I do a clean install.

thanks for the help!
Sorry to Say but 7000 Upgrades to 7022 just fine

Sorry to Say but 7000 Upgrades to 7022 just fine... I've done it on two computers.:p
Windows 7 Build 7022 is dramatically better than Build 7000 in my opinion (as it should be).. it's not only more polished visually but it seems to be snappier than build 7000 as well as more compatible/functional... Not to mention it's a 2009 build... I didn't have any driver issues since build 6801 but there were a few apps that I couldn't get to work right no matter what I tried, but in build 7022 they work perfectly right from the get go... :) And the biggest reason to upgrade has to be IE8 RC1.. it's is extremely better than IE 8 Beta 2!! Every single issue I had (compatibility/freezing/slow to load sometimes, etc) with the Beta 2 is non existant in RC 1...

All in all Windows 7 Build 7022 is definitely worth installing if your lucky enough to get ahold of it.. ;) I'd recommend doing a clean install over an upgrade though.. but that's just me.. I always do clean installs over upgrades.. I just find the end result is a much cleaner/better working (no pun intended) OS...
I did an upgrade from 7000 to 7022 and it worked perfectly, all settings were preserved and restored.
I like a clean install but I have tons of apps installed on my system, it would take the whole day if I do clean install and get all those apps back.
The upgrade took longer than a clean install, perhaps because I have many apps installed, around 90 minutes or so.
But after that, I can go back to work as usual.
It's a lot less buggy, though I did have a glitch where the task bar was glitching in and out, but minimizing everything fixed that. It seems to have a better ability to handle drivers and it's more stable. only prob i have thus far is some issues with torrents but i'm going to try diff torrent programs
Hi Nurb
Snappier all round
Worth installing if even for only the IE8 RC1 version instead of IE8 Beta -- "Loadsa" problems with IE8 fixed.
More printer drivers
Some minor network glitches fixed
some menus slightly changed

I'd install it anyway if you can get it.

Upgrade fro W7 Beta does work (it thinks it's upgrading from VISTA anyway). However If you are doing an upgrade do it from VISTA otherwise I'd do a clean install. If you've got some issues with W7 beta build 7000 then an upgrade probably wont fix them. An upgrade from VISTA might (did for me with Network cards, TV playing software and a couple of other programs where I no longer had the install disks / software).

BTW Build 7022 runs very nicely on the new netyooks even with 1GB RAM.

I got a FREE ACER with Linux initially installed. Now running W7 Build 7022 (32 bit of course).

In the UK you can get a Free netbook by signing up to some mobile broadband contracts -- I wanted mobile broadband anyway so it's a no-brainer.

Even in Recessions there are great deals to be had.