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I have 3 HP machines (out of warranty) with Visa on them and will installing 7 Pro on them. Clean install vs. upgrade...The computers have been slowing down over the past 2 years so I'd like a fresh OS installation. Will the upgrade option be starting fresh enough or is a format the better option? I know it will be more work but that's OK. And how about HP stuff? Most of it Idon't use but there's stuff I'll need, right (drivers, etc). I don't even mind their Update software.
So any suggestion how to go about this are appreciated.


Joe S

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Format and clean install is always best. Look at the posts here and the majority of people with problems upgraded.

Thanks for the reply. I'll be doing a clean install. Most of the software I want is found at HP's site, except for Cyberlink and Muvee software that came with the computer. It is on the recovery CD's but I don't want all the other junk that comes with a recovery CD.
I emiled HP but I'm pretty sure they will tell me the only way to reinstall Cyberlink and Muvee is from the recovery CD's!

Thanks again for the help,


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"clean" yes

Where can I find detailed instructions to a "clean" install?

Where can I find detailed instructions to a "clean" install?
momo, a clean install is simply where the hard drive is completely formatted and empty.


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When installing choose the second option..............Advanced

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