Windows 7 Upgraded from Visa and now 7GB free of 74GB!


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May 30, 2009

I had vista and i upgraded to windows with about 16GB space free - now i have 7GB and i understand that windows 7 takes up space but is there anyway off getting rid off vista to clean up the space? as i game it will be quite hard to live with 7GB!

But then again this may not be a safe option? !


When 7 installs all your old files are kept. Then the windows 7 is added. Also all your programs are updated with the 7 version of the drivers.
So all the drivers came to a total off 10GB? There is know way off clearing vista or files that were needed on vista but not 7? Im stuck with 7GB?
There should be a Windows.old folder somewhere, delete that to free up space.
Also, a run of Disk Cleanup would probably free some space.
If you did an Upgrade rather than a Clean Install (which is what I'm assuming from the way you've worded the post) than all your old files are kept in a folder called "Windows.Old" which is located in your C: . It is safe to delete this folder but just make sure none of your personal files are in it before you do.. If there are any in it than you simply copy them to a new location and than the file can safely be deleted.. Doing so should free up a good chunk of realestate on your HDD too as this file can be quite large.. ;)

I'd also recommend doing a check in "Device Manager" to make sure that 7 has installed all your drivers.. If there are any drivers missing then you'll see a yellow exclamation mark beside whichever device is missing the driver.. ;)

Upgrading isn't really the recommended way to install a BETA or RC version of an OS.. but to each his own.. :) A clean install would have avoided this problem..
Ah ok ty,

Sounds stupid but is there anyway i can run the installer again and do a clean install... even though ive already got windows 7 installed?



P.S - Thanks for the help all!
You can do that yes.. simply put your Win 7 DVD in, boot off it and this time choose "Custom" instead of Upgrade as an installation method.. You'll be able to format your HDD and than install on a nice clean partition that way.. ;) A clean install takes about half the time an upgrade does too.. :)

Ty for quick reply i shall be doing that in a bit! I didnt do it before as the game i play takes about a day to install :< but family over tomz so have time :p

Ty for all your help m8,

Not a problem at all my friend.. :) Glad I could help!.. ;) Good luck with the clean install, if you run into any more problems please don't hesitate to ask for help..

I forgot to mention, before you do the clean install you might want to download any drivers you may need just in case 7 doesn't automatically install them for some reason.. (I'm talking about your ethernet and chipset drivers specifically)..
Ah ok will do!

Just watching WoW Wednesday! (i know its not wednesday but i missed it)

After that i shall do it! Ill post back here after and if anything is wrong all blame goes on you.... :p

Joke ;)

Thanks for the help bud

Sorry but even if doing custom windows still backs up files. It will still put the whole system files into another windows.old what ever you do.
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