Windows 8 Upgrading From Win 7 SP1 - Asked to rename User folder


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I was going to upgrade today, but before it go going it (install program :tickled_pink:) asked me to change the name of the "User" folder or file name. I'm assuming this is because I set up Win 7 so that the "User" folder was located on my "D: drive". I would like to keep my system in this configuration. Is this going to be possible?


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My user folder is on the C Drive, but various subfolders are on a Data Drive. Win 8 had no problem with this setup. There are generally certain portions of the User Folder that are not easily moved. It should be possible. What I had to do was to install Win 8, they go through and change the Location (pointers to the folders) of the folders on my data drive using the approved method.