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I'm going to upgrade my GPU from the XFX 4770 ATI to the XFX 5770 ATI w/Eyefinity. How does one use this card with three monitors?


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Typically the card needs to have multiple outputs, usually they have DVI with additional HDMI outputs to hook up to all the monitors (pending suitable connections on said monitors too), every brand is different so you really need to check the manufacturer's website to see what sockets they have.


Thats a link to the model on the homesite, but even there it seems there are numerous flavours of that model, so you'll need to be careful about checking the model codes against the specs when buying.


ATI Eyefinity Requirements

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system (Eyefinity is not supported in Windows XP)
  • A graphics card with at least one native DisplayPort output
  • Display with native DisplayPort

  • Use of an certified active DisplayPort adapter is required to convert the DisplayPort output on the graphics card to an output compatible to the display when more than two displays are used in a multi-display configuration (available for purchase separately)

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Like highwayman said, check on your connections. I'm pretty sure you'll be using 2 DVI and one display port and as long as they're good then you'll just need the correct driver software..

Driver version 8.66 (Catalyst 9.10) or above is required to support ATI Eyefinity technology and to enable a third display you require one panel with a DisplayPort connector.

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I've read some where or heard some where that using the display port you lose the use of one of the dvi ports. If that is the case, will I need a second card.


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I was reading a manual for that series and it says this:

"Your ATI Radeon HD 5750/5770 graphics card provides multi-display functionality
through its various display connections. The graphics card can output to a
maximum of three displays using the following set of connections:

• Two DVI-I Dual Link connections and one DisplayPort connection."

so that's sounding to me 2x dvi and a displayport at once for 3 monitors is fine.

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