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Windows 7 usbport.sys increasing the poll rate.


New Member
May 30, 2009
Hello guys and gals.

Installed Windows 7 x64 RC Build 7100 today, and could not be happier - a huge improvement over Vista with some lovely features that I am already wondering how I managed without.

The only thing so far I have come across that I cannot seem to do is to change the polling rate on the usbport.sys file (as I would do with Xp and possible with Vista).

I understand this may not be so high up on the priority list at the moment, but if someone feels like helping out on this I am sure the entire gaming community would be greatful!

Currently stuck with 125hz and an 8ms response rate, and it's not fun :)
I am looking for 1000hz and 1ms if someone does know how to hex edit the file.....

A Quick Google search comes up with the usual forum topics asking the same question, but no one seems to have cracked it yet.

Any suggestions and help is welcomed.
Hello and welcome,

I assume you talking a bout a USB mouse?

What do you mean by "cracking"

From what I found the Razor USB mouse is capable of doing this.

yes - usb mouse. Some gaming mice do the work for you....i suppose it could be considered overclocking the usbport.sys file.

Windows stock comes with it set at 125hz and an 8ms response rate - which is fine for general OS use, but when it comes to games (specifically FPS gaming), a noticable difference can be seen between 8ms and 1ms.

From what I understand people have used a Hex editor to make the changes to the file in the past, but from what I read on forums no one has managed to do this for W7 so far..

FYI: the file in question is in


Yes, I have taken a look at the file and there is only a version number if you use Resource Hacker.

I've also done a search and can only comes up with the Vista solution.

Is this a manufacturer PC or home-built? Possible an HP?

Are you getting a Blue Screen Error?
no, I built my pc, and no other problems to report.
I suppose this would not even realy fall under the category of an issue with W7, because it is a hack.....ie: it is working how Microsoft intended.