User accounts not accessible


I have one administrative account and two standard user accounts and one guest account my wife is one of the standard accounts. When she tried to switch user from my account on the switch user screen only my account icon was there and one that said “Other user” icon is blank and when clicked on it asks for a user name and a password but does not open any user account. How do I get the icons for the users on this computer to show back on the change user screen? When I look in control panel (or the directory Users) all the accounts are there, even one I did not create HomeGroupUser$. I can not switch to other user using that option it just returns me back to the switch user screen the administrative acount is the only one we can use and I tried adding a new account and it would not show on the switch screen either.
Thank You
James Robertson

I have never have had this happen to me, but i think if you delete the accounts, and then resart your computer, create the accounts again, it might work.
I beleive what hapened is that your computer somehow got a worm that eats away file, but it was on a non-admin user account, so it couldnt access yours to delete, and your computer must have one account so it wouldnt be possible.
I may be completley wrong, but this is what i think.
-ChriS, ComputeR WiZ In TraininG

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