Windows 7 USPS Click-n-Ship fails


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Label does not appear in Adobe Acrobat.
Unable to print shipping label.

Not an entirely new problem. The system crashed during Christmas season, and problems with Vista were reported. Click-n-ship can be a little flaky sometimes.

EDIT: So I found the (two-part) solution:

1. Adjust Adobe Reader setting:
Edit -> Preferences, click "Internet," Uncheck "Display .pdf in browser."

2. Security Settings:
If using IE, the Information bar pops up and prompts for permission to download the file. Even if you allow the download, the label will still not appear. My guess is that you have to either always allow downloads from the usps site, turn off security settings, turn off the Information bar, or tweak some other security setting.

I chose the path of least resistance and just used FireFox. It worked.
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