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I get this message daily, "We need to fix your Microsoft account(most likely your password changed). Select here to fix it in Shared experiences settings.", but what do you do in Shared experience setting to fix the problem???


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Hmm... I cannot see what you'd change in shared experiences to fix the issue but still. It might be what you have it set to.

If you right click the start icon and then from the WinX menu choose System. Look for shared experiences on the left and click that (as above).

You can either share across 'Everyone nearby' or just your devices but nothing about verifying your account.

To verify ones account you need to visit your settings page and click accounts. If there is any issue to do with your Microsoft account then you'll see 'Verify' written under your account.
If you don't see verify then chances are your account is fine.

May i ask where are you seeing these error messages pop up?

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The message to go to shared experiences shows up in the notification window on the right side of the screen.
I also get a popup in front of the Shared experiences which says Verify email and "We sent an email to
to make sure you own it. Please check your inbox and enter the security code to finish up your Microsoft account." The problem here is
I never receive the so called code in my email. On chat Microsoft support people keep giving me the account verification code(6digits)
when the verify email will only accept a 4 digit code. They don't seem to understand the difference between Account verification and Verify email!


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Attached is what pops up in front of Shared experiences. And security code never arrives in email.


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I get the following notice every morning when I turn on my computer?
account setting.jpg


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I would say click 'Resend the email' and enter the code and you should be good.


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I've tried that several times and still no code arrives in my email. I've read where many others have had the same issue but Microsoft has yet to come up with a solution. As I have constantly said the code never arrives....

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Just jumping in here. But have you checked your spam/junk folder for the email?


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I can assure you I don't receive the email with the 4 digit code. I been fighting this for over a month and really only care about Skype other wise
I would just give up on it.


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Still getting the same message every morning and still the same Verify email popup saying a code has been sent to my email address but no code ever arrives anywhere???


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You do use the same Microsoft account for your mail (i.e.; or as you registered with, and you did not switch to you@gmail or what so ever?


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Check are you using the same email address from which you registered to receive the code

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