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Just took a run over to my Windows 7. Haven't visited it much over the last 9 or 10 months. But, I reckoned I should stop in, make sure it's all up to date, clean & healthy. Good time for it since we just had Patch Tuesday AND I wanted to move it from IE9 to IE10.

My Windows 8 Pro is arriving this wk. I am keen to retire my Windows 8 RP. I will, still, keep dual booting Win8 & Win7, @ least for a while. Pretty soon, I will probably, just run 7 as a VM. I keep XP through Windows 8, all going/available, even if as VMs, for client support. Plus when I dump Win7 I will have heaps more storage space on the drive it was using.

Once I do have Windows 8 Pro in hand, I will delete & format the drive RP was using. Then, install Windows 8 Pro on that same space. It will be quick, easy & painless since everything that was on the RP, is on a Data drive in the same box; makes it simple, a real cinch to configure it, again. And no more Beta, YEA!! :p

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