Windows 7 Vista Codec Pack and Windows 7


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I have installed vista codec pack and when ever i try to open my videos folder it crashes explorer which i think is caused by vista codec pack generating video thumbnails ?
hmm idk what vista codec pack is. but i installed k-lite codec full and am using windows media player 12 to play every file and it works fine here.
i have tried both k-lite and windows 7 codec pack but it seems to crash m folder with mixed video files its like an but a folder with small mostly flv video files opens smoothly but my folder which has video songs like avi or mkv files it crashes explorer while loading thumbnails !
the problem is not with playing the file but rather than opening the folder which all the video files in it as soon as i open it first says "windows video clip support has stopped working " then says "windows explorer has stopped working" after that explorer restarts
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thanks for all the help but looks liek nero was causing the problem , eventhough i uinstalled it but it still ahd some hidden files in the common files gfolder named "Ahead" when i deleted the ahead fodler it solved the problem !
Hi there another vote for VLC - I use this on Linux as well works fine --but remember you need the DeCSS module to play standard (encrypted) DVD's . The easy way to get this believe it or not is just to download a trial version of Windvd / Powerdvd / . Don't bother running these. - Unless you get a license key you'll get the Nagware warning product will expire in xxx days.

However what this DOES do is install the DeCSS module into the windows library and this won't expire. This little trick will also enable Windows Media player to play standard commercial DVD's as well.

(Blu Ray stuff is a whole different ball game BTW).