Windows 7 Vista or Vista SP1 drivers??


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Jan 5, 2009
Hey folks,

I tried searching for this, so my apologies in advance if this has been covered already....

I have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra(basically an external sound card) and when I go to d/l drivers for it I get the option of XP, Vista, or Vista SP1 drivers. I d/l'd the Vista SP1 driver, installed it in compatibility mode for Vista(it didn't have the Vista RTM setting) and it seemed to install OK, until I played some audio over it. I got some okay playback for awhile, then started getting pops in the audio, then a BSOD(only BSOD I've had so far BTW).

Should I try the non-SP1 Vista driver, and if so, does this count pretty much across the board for drivers??
I have the same setup and am looking at loading Windows 7. Please let me know if you have any success with the USB Ultra drivers...


M-Audio sux. They did not have Vista drivers (Revolution 5.1) until a year or so after Vista came out 2 yrs ago, now they still only have a beta for Vista64, which won't install on Win7. I bought a new card (SoundBlaster) 2 yrs ago, though I didn't 'need' one to replace the M-Aud. Now my son is trying to use that 2 yr old M-Audio Rev 5.1 in his Win7 sys because Win7 won't recognize his mobo sound (Jetway, we'll never get one of their mobos again either). My son has decided today to get a new sound card.
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